Are Dental Implants Painful?

When patients hear the term dental implants, they usually associate it with a lengthy and painful—not to mention expensive treatment but this is not actually the case. What are dental implants? Are dental implants painful? We’re here to answer all your dental implant questions and ease any fears you may have.

Dental implants are a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. Once placed in the jaw, an implant can support one or more prosthetic teeth that can look, feel and function like natural teeth.

You won’t normally feel pain during the procedure, and your dentist can advise you about pain relief during the recovery period.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant replaces the missing tooth’s root, that is used to secure the new tooth into the correct position. Implants are made of titanium and integrated into the jawbone below the gum’s surface. A crown is then attached to the top of the implant to imitate the profile of your natural teeth.

At Warnervale Dental, we use hand-crafted porcelain crowns to ensure the new tooth is a perfect match in terms of size, shape and colour of the surrounding teeth.

Does the implant procedure hurt?

As with most dental treatments, you’ll be given sedation to numb pain and discomfort during the dental implant procedure.

This is normally a local anaesthetic injected into the gum, but your dentist could discuss other sedation options if you have dental anxiety.

Warnervale Dental offers sedation options for patients.

Will there be pain after the implant is placed?

It’s normal to have some pain and swelling after oral surgery. This can be managed by taking over-the-counter pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication recommended by your dentist.

If you have persistent pain that won’t go away, this could be a sign of a nerve injury or other complication from the procedure. You should make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

How long does it take to recover from dental implants?

Depending on the type of implants you have, and the type of procedure will determine how long the recovery. Your dentist will discuss this in detail with you and explain options including the All on 4 technique that Warnervale Dental is able to perform on patients.

You can improve your chance of a full recovery and a successful treatment by:

  • eating soft foods for a few days while your gum heals
  • getting plenty of rest and avoiding exertion
  • brushing and flossing your teeth (and implant) as normal
  • having regular check-ups with your dentist

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Dental implants-helping you to smile again!

Missing or lost teeth can impact the function of your existing teeth and the appearance of your smile. At Warnervale Dental, we strive to address these concerns by utilising highly effective and long- lasting dental implants. By replacing missing teeth, we create a healthy, natural looking smile.

Talk to our friendly and experienced dentist, Dr David Bassal who is here to discuss with you whether dental implants are an ideal solution for you.