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Dental implants, Teeth on Implants®, & Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth rehabilitation involves the rebuilding and reconstruction of worn teeth, jaw, gums and other mouth and face structures. Treatments may include dental implants, crowns, veneers to improve your oral health.

Teeth on Implants®

This patient is over the moon with his incredible surgical transformation from TEETH ON IMPLANTS® and Smile On Clinics. Dental implants have restored both his chewing habits and his confidence!

A combination of porcelain crowns and TEETH ON IMPLANTS® were used to restore this beautiful smile.

Another Digital Smile Design executed by Smile On Labs.

A brighter, whiter smile thanks to TEETH ON IMPLANTS® and Dr Ned Restom.

Check out this full arch TEETH ON IMPLANTS® surgical transformation!

This was done with a combination of PETs and root banking to preserve the gingival architecture and remove the need for pink porcelain.

Dr Ned Restom used TEETH ON IMPLANTS® to give the beautiful Kerri the pearly whites of her dreams!

With our dental implants, you can choose the shade that matches your features and your specific vision.

The impact that TEETH ON IMPLANTS® has made to Valerie’s confidence – this is why we do what we do at Smile On Clinics. She is absolutely glowing!

This result was a team effort between Dr Ned Restom and Dr David Bassal, who used complex grafting procedures and digital photogrammetry workflow to deliver Jo the smile of her dreams!

You can’t wipe the smile off this patient’s face!

There’s no age limit on happiness, so there’s no age limit with TEETH ON IMPLANTS®. We believe that everyone deserves to love their smile.

This lovely man is smiling and laughing all the time now with his new TEETH ON IMPLANTS®!

Not only is he happier but eating isn’t a chore anymore!

TEETH ON IMPLANTS® giving our patients a reason to smile!

Who wouldn’t want to smile and laugh with those beautiful pearly whites!✨

TEETH ON IMPLANTS® is your second chance at smiling!

An Individualized smile generated from carbon copy of this lovely patient’s high school photos!

After years of failing teeth Dr David Bassal was able to resurrect this smile on 5 implants with the highest grade of porcelain.

This case takes us back almost 18 months! 

When this lovely patient presented with missing back teeth and deficient bone to place implants the only solution was a bone augmentation procedure. 

Thanks to the marvels of modern dentistry, Dr David Bassal was able to augment bone and place TEETH ON IMPLANTS ® to support her bite and complete the smile. 

Once the bone had matured and implants integrated a smile design was the next step. 

We are so glad to see another beautiful patient smiling!

Like many, this lovely gentleman thought there was no option but dentures when his teeth began to break down and ache. A digitally designed smile, that is one of a kind is the perfect solution.

TEETH ON IMPLANTS® giving our patients so many reasons to smile!

Eating is no longer a chore, and neither is smiling!

After photos were taken 24 hours post extraction of all teeth and placement of 5 implants for TEETH ON IMPLANTS® prosthetic.

This smile design followed a carbon copy of our patient’s natural teeth, but this time extended along the entire ridge. Best thing is her teeth actually get better!

Once the implants are fully integrated, we change this for a porcelain set of teeth.

Thanks to Teeth on Implants® this lady can smile with confidence again!

Who wouldn’t want to smile all the time with those beautiful teeth!

This patient is absolutely glowing after final insert of her upper and lower porcelain teeth on implants!

And you can be glowing with a new smile too! Not only do we offer TEETH ON IMPLANTS but lots of other options to get you your best smile!

When you have a smile this big, why would you stop.

Teeth on implants giving our patients the confidence to always smile.

After years of discomfort and failing teeth this gentleman presented to us having been referred by a close friend we had treated with implants.

These photos were taken only 48 hrs apart!

General anaesthetics were used to remove teeth, level the bone and place 4 implants in the upper and 6 in the lower arches.

In house 3D printing combined with bespoke digital smile design and there you have it.

Whilst these teeth are temporary, he’s only got 4 months until the real thing! He can’t stop smiling and we can see why!


A smile designed just for you!

This lovely patient had some tired old fillings that needed to be replaced and asked our team to replace some old crowns to give her the smile she’d always dreamed of.

A makeover success.

Veneers and crowns to recreate this smile

After braces this patient was still unhappy with her smile. She finally wanted to get the smile of her dreams before her big day.

We trialed several smiles until she was happy with this design.

Married with a smile and lived happily ever after! Did you know you can request this exact smile – we can now carbon copy any smile so you can have the smile of your dreams too.

Veneers are giving this patient a new reason to smile!

She is glowing with her stunning new smile!

What an amazing transformation with veneers!

Great job Dr David Bassal!

Pursuing such good results for our patients comes with plenty preparation and consistent teamwork.

Please note that all surgical procedures carry risks including infection. These treatments do not apply to and cannot be performed on anyone. A process of thorough examinations and assessment is required, and the outcomes may vary depending on multiple factors.

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