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Sedation During Dental – A Pain Free Dental Experience

Sedation During Dental – A Pain Free Dental Experience

We understand that undergoing dental treatment can be a scary experience especially if you tend to get a bit anxious when it comes to visiting the dentists, even just for a check- up! That's why we are here to ease your pain (literally), with sedation during dental treatments.

Dr David Bassal and the Warnervale Dental team are thrilled to be able to offer our local patients more options when it comes to sedation during dental, sleep dentistry and their experience.

Not only do we offer convenient in chair sleep dentistry and sedation during dental treatment, we are now also working with some of the best anaesthetists and nurses to deliver excellence, operating on a weekly basis at the Brisbane Private Waters Hospital.

We are so proud to be able to provide our community with premium dental treatment right here on the Central Coast. Some may have to travel far from their nests to have specialised dental treatment done which can be most unnerving. Now you can keep to your own neighbourhood and save time and expense while receiving the high quality care you deserve.

In chair professional sedation services

For patients wanting to have all treatment performed under the one roof, at Warnervale Dental we regularly perform surgical procedures in the dental chair using sedation and sleep dentistry techniques to make your dental treatment nice and smooth.

No procedure is too small for this process. If you are a patient who is too anxious to even have a dental clean, then sedation can definitely help you.

The most common procedures performed under dental sedation are:

  • • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • • Tooth extractions
  • • Fillings
  • • Implants

However, any dental procedure can be performed.

We are pleased to be able to utilise the expert sedation skills and experience of Dr. Melissa Licenblat our resident sleep dentistry angel. Find out more about our sedation and sleep dentistry options and what to expect HERE.

General anaesthetic at the private hospital

dental implants Some patients prefer to be completely under for surgical procedures, and we are pleased to be able to offer such an option. We also have highly complex cases where we recommend treatment to be completed under general anaesthetic.

General anaesthetic facilities are available at Brisbane, allowing us to deliver quality dental surgery - including full arch rehab (we perform this weekly) and implants almost every day!

Patients can then also receive the amazing aftercare that the lovely nurses at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital provide.

If you have been putting off dental treatment because you are anxious or worried about pain, don’t be, we have the ideal solution to suit your individual requirements and ensure your experience is as comfortable and pain-free and possible.

Contact us today and ask our friendly and highly experienced team today!

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