General Dentistry

The mouth can reveal findings of additional systemic problems or disease which can impact on your overall health. As part of your comprehensive oral examination, your dentist will make a record of the findings which involves a comprehensive oral mucosal examination (oral cancer check), a full charting of your existing oral condition, treatment planning, radiographs (x-rays) and photographs (as required). Your dental professional will present you with all the information recorded and discuss your needs with you.

Our General Dentistry Services
custom mouthguard central coast

Custom Mouthguards

What is a custom mouthguard? A mouthguard is a thick, often spongy shield that fits over your teeth. Custom mouthguards are usually worn during sports …

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Denture Crowns


Our dental practice has an in-house dental prosthetist who designs and fabricates custom dentures and dental appliances. Both partial and full acrylic and metal dentures …

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Wisdom Teeth

Why would you need wisdom teeth removed? Most people have them removed for one of these reasons: Find out more about the signs and symptoms …

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Root Canal Treatment Cost

Root Canal Therapy

The procedure includes cleaning, disinfecting, shaping and enlarging the canal(s) and then filling of the canals. This may take several visits to complete due to …

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Jaw Pain Treatment

TMD, Grinding and Jaw Pain

Clenching the teeth puts pressure on the muscles, tissues, and other structures around your jaw. People can either be acutely aware or unaware of this …

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Preventative Dental Care


What to expect at your regular active maintenance appointment: Comprehensive Examination Our team of oral health professionals will work in unison to conduct a comprehensive …

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Children's Dental Clinic

Children’s Dentistry

Eligibility through the Child Dental Benefits Schedule The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) provides basic dental services to children aged between 2 and 17 years. …

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