Warnervale Dental- Your Destination for Dental Implants

At Warnervale Dental, we are your implant destination. Your days of needing to travel for quality dental treatment are over.

Did you know that Warnervale Dental has become the ultimate dental destination on the Central Coast?

We are proud to be able to support our local community by offering and delivering world class treatment on the Central Coast without the need to travel.

Warnervale Dental care for local patients very seriously and cater to individual needs and requirements personally. Using the latest digital technologies and techniques complimented with extensive experience and genuine care, Warnervale Dental can accommodate any dental procedure to create the smile that you deserve.

More sedation options for a calm and pain free experience

Inhouse professional sedation services
For the convenience of patients wanting to have all treatment performed under the one roof at our Warnervale Dental practice, we regularly perform dental implant surgical procedures in house. We are pleased to be able to utilise the expert sedation skills and experience of Dr Melissa Licenblat our resident sleep dentistry angel. Find out more about Dr Melissa Licenblat and our sedation and sleep dentistry options.

General anaesthetic facilities at the private hospital
Some patients prefer to be completely under for surgical procedures including dental implants, and we are proud to be able to offer such an option. General anaesthetic facilities are available at Brisbane, allowing us to deliver quality dental surgery – including full arch rehab (we perform this weekly) and dental implants almost every day!

Patients can then also receive the amazing aftercare that the lovely nurses at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital provide. We thoroughly enjoy working with some of the best anaesthetists and nurses to deliver dental excellence.

All-on-4® preferred provider

Warnervale Dental is one of the few practices on the Central Coast to provide All on 4, the revolutionary dental technique that offers an innovative and effective permanent solution to missing teeth. Warnervale has partnered with Nobel BioCare to become an accredited All-on-4® surgery and is the largest supplier on the Central Coast!

Click HERE to read more about this alternative dental implant option, All on 4!

Dental pioneer and innovator on the Central Coast

At Warnervale Dental we continually strive to be at the forefront of technology, innovation, and technique to ensure our patients can enjoy premium treatment and results. Developments in dental technology and innovation have been effectively applied into Warnervale Dental and will continue to remain an underpinning commitment of the practice.

Warnervale Dental was one of the first practices WORLDWIDE to participate in a trial allowing patients with implants to have teeth restored with digital scanning. This led to the most accurate and precise fitting prosthetic teeth now used in the best clinics globally including Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, and the UK.

Warnervale Dental continues to trial all sorts of digital scanning methods and gadgets, we are amongst the first in the world to roll these out. We are bringing some exciting new 3D printing technology that not only allows for better prosthetics but having them on site means we can produce them in minutes!!!!

Continuous learning is a priority

We have made it a point to never stop learning, the team and I are continuously enrolled in courses taking in new methods and utilising cutting- edge technology to deliver the best possible results particularly with the use of digital medical advancements.

Dr David Bassal is also a key founder and proactive advocate of Australasian Implant Academy (AIA) offering reputable courses on dental implants for dentists locally on the Central Coast, as well as internationally.

Warnervale Dental is passionate about supporting the local community and this will continue to be a priority for us in the future.

So, book your consultation with us today and get the smile you deserve. Contact us or Call (02) 4392 0990.