What is Digital Dentistry?

Are you embarrassed to show your smile?

Are you nervous to get dental work done as you don’t know how it will look?

Then Digital Dentistry is your answer!

At Warnervale Dental you can try out your new smile and play an active role by tweaking your smile design to suit your personal needs.

We use the latest technology

Developments in dental technology and innovation are used here at Warnervale Dental and we will continue to be at the forefront, providing the most advanced treatment techniques, equipment, and technologies all for you.

Our pre-planning of using digital dentistry, allows you to see what your teeth will look like without laying a finger on you. We can achieve a perfect smile every time with no messy impressions that make you gag using the latest technology including 3D digital scanning.

Commitment to continuous learning

The highly experienced and driven Central Coast dentists at Warnervale Dental have made it a point to never stop learning.

Dr David Bassal and the team are continuously enrolled in courses taking in new methods and utilising cutting- edge technology to deliver the best possible results particularly with the use of digital medical advancements.

We provide the following dental treatment our state-of-the-art facilities using the latest in digital dentistry techniques and equipment:

Want to get the smile you deserve?

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