Teeth Whitening on the Central Coast

Have you found your teeth just aren’t as white and bright as they used to be? Don’t stress! Because we can help you bring back the pearly whites. Having white teeth can make all the difference to a glowing smile and your personal confidence, no more being ashamed to open your mouth!

It might be summertime here in Australia, but you can in-fact still have a white Christmas! Teeth whitening can provide all the white you’ll need to light up a room over the festive season!

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is designed to improve the appearance of teeth that have discoloured,
though it is a non-essential cosmetic dental procedure, it is an extremely popular treatment. To achieve whiter teeth, you must go through the process of bleaching your teeth to lighten and increase their whiteness.

To bleach the teeth chemicals such us hydrogen peroxide will be used for maximum effect. These chemicals will soak through the top layer of enamel and into the main part of the tooth known as the dentine. This will diminish stains that are blocking out light from entering the tooth, allowing for more light to enter the tooth and a whiter appearance.

What causes discolouration?

There are specific factors that can lead to the discoloration of teeth and they all stem from what your teeth are subjected to on a daily basis. The most common forms of staining can be a result of certain foods or drinks such as, cola, red wine, tea or coffee, tobacco, or particular medications. Therefore, to assist with your teeth whitening procedure your dentist will encourage you to minimise intake of these.

Types of teeth whitening

With new technologies, more and more teeth whitening solutions are becoming available, these include:

  • Over the counter products – These include low concentrated whitening options such as whitening strips.
  • Take home dental kits – Kits provided by your dentist for you to take home and do the procedure yourself. Though still an effective outcome, it is a longer procedure than receiving in practice treatment.
  • In chair treatment – Treatment provided by your dentist in a dental practice, the most time friendly and effective option. Often involves whitening gel applied to your teeth, followed by being exposed to led light used to speed up the process.

Yes, there are multiple store-bought teeth whitening products on the market and over long periods of use they may encourage whiter teeth. However, the difference between these products and our teeth whitening is that dental practitioners are the only people who can legally use the most concentrated chemical. This means your most effective and timely solution to whiter teeth is to get them whitened professionally by your dentist.

Benefits of teeth whitening at your local dentist – Central Coast

Other than enhancing your overall appearance by providing you with a bright new smile, teeth whitening performed by your dentist can be completed in a single session, produce instantly visible results and does not increase sensitivity to certain food or damage tooth enamel!

Are you a Central Coast local? Don’t wait to get whiter teeth, contact us now at Warnervale Dental to enquire about our teeth whitening treatment!